Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did you really want the world to read your Twitter post?

A studio art major (student) at Mount Holyoke College created a display using thousands of images taken from Facebook. It's controversial. Some find it embarrassing, and negative/upset about public display - of their publicly displayed photos. The artist's point: That's the point.

If someone took your online (publicly displayed) Twitter posts or Facebook images and put them on a display, would it cause embarrassment? But they're already publicly displayed.

In thinking about association executives ... and recognizing the world really does know how to Google a name ...

1. Are you publicly posting material you'd be OK if your spouse or kids read?
2. Are you publicly posting material you'd be OK with your kids' teachers or your association president reading/seeing?
3. Will your current employer or next employer find it charming and fascinating, or offensive and immature?
4. Will associations accept "anything goes" or is there still anticipation of any sort of public professionalism?
5. Of course teenagers and college kids test boundaries, they always have. But adults want to "party" in public display now too? While using dues funds? Yikes.

Everyone does know that public means public, right?

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