Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swimming to shore option

There's interesting discussion on a listserve about evaluation tools used in association employment/hiring. These are a few methods mentioned so far ...

1. Myers-Briggs
2. DISC, and having attorney do criminal background check
3. Emergenetics, used after they are hired
4. Using temporary placement first, offer after evaluate actual performance

And this one posted by a colleague: "The best interviews I've conducted have been over golf or fishing. With those you get a pretty good idea how someone will react in a frustrating situation." Honestly, if anyone ever made me sit in a fishing boat all day "as a test", either I'll have to have an iPod full of NPR stories (free podcasts), a book, or I'm jumping off the boat and swimming to shore. While "teach a person to fish" parable has great application with employees, likely shouldn't involve actual fish.

Wonder how you'd score on those evaluations?


Anonymous said...

How were people using Myers-Briggs as an evaluation tool?

Cindy Butts said...

Posters named tools versus explaining. I personally don't use any of them. Found this on the Myers-Briggs site, under their "ethical standards" - "It is not ethical to use the MBTI instrument for hiring or for deciding job assignments. However, knowledge of type theory may help people recognize why they may be satisfied or dissatisfied with their jobs, and knowledge of type always helps teams and co-workers communicate better. "