Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Diary of night with orange cones, thanks to PAC

One way we thank Major Donors to our PAC is with "reserved" parking spaces at convention. Put orange cones in best parking spots. Arrived at midnight to find cars, not cones in best spaces. Checked storage - there they were. Car pulled out of a best spot .. Ran, grabbed a cone, put in space (pic), now ONE can park. Got 2 more (of 8), hunted around, no luck, pouring rain. Should I be stalking parking spaces with orange cones in the rain at midnight? YES. It's really hard to get large PAC contributions; this is easier. Tipping a bellman to handle cones (not handled, as requested) a better way to solve, but apparently none here until morning.

Instantly emailed Major Donors to say cones not there, would keep working on it, and apologizing. Find managing expectations much better than surprising.

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