Monday, September 24, 2007

4 reasons to hire a personal coach

My pal Judith Lindenau benefited from a personal coach, and then became one … so for all who have never taken that step, or are thinking about it … I asked for this …

Judith’s 4 reasons to hire a personal coach:

1. You're feeling ‘stuck’ in your life. It’s not a full blown “is this all there is?” angst, just a boredom and nagging sluggishness, a ‘today is just another yesterday’. Good coach helps identify, articulate, and plan. Rekindles the fire, excites you about personal goals.
2. You're facing a life-changing experience. Whether or not your experience is frightening or fun, a personal coach can help put everything in perspective. In my case, being paycheck-free and with discretionary time for myself was a scary thought. Needed someone to help address the larger-than-life issues.
3. You need a third-party voice in your life. Let’s face it, your mother isn't disinterested third party: she had dreams and hopes for you, and values she thought would work for you. A coach, however, starts from YOUR dreams, and YOUR values, and helps you find the way to bring those dreams/values into your life.
4. You just have a problem. Could be new one, or one of those ‘evergreen’ ones (like weight, or frustration with a relationship). A coach can help: she/he steps back and looks at the issue with fresh vision and helps you discover new perspectives and potential solutions.

When you need to get un-stuck, over a hump, or re-energized about your life - you need a voice on the phone, or face-to-face meeting with a compassionate, understanding third party who cares and can help you find answers to some tough questions. Even more importantly, as you careen through your busy life, you need some time to stop, reflect and re-direct yourself. A good personal coach will help you do that ...

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