Saturday, September 8, 2007

Location, location, location .. Craig's List

There are eight billion page views each month on Craig's List, it's free, many don't think to use it ... and my teenagers have never heard of it. I don't understand that. I originally went to the site to find a vacation rental at a ski resort. Since then, go mainly to watch what's happening in the real estate space (my association focus) ... state volume continues to grow (95 "real estate for sale" listings on 9/7.)

"Housing" in the middle of many things drawing millions of unique consumers to the site monthly- job ads, classified ads, pets, personal ads (as in, way personal), discussion forums, tickets for sale, volunteers, arts notices, lost/found, etc. Default is San Francisco postings, where it started - but easy to find own city/state postings.

Once ran an employment ad on their jobs site ... mirrored what ran in local newspaper. Results were fast, but found around 80% of online applicants didn't follow directions -- i.e., said send cover letter - they didn't; 80% of newspaper ad applicants did include.

More things I like:
1. Look at their employee photos and descriptions. Wonder if my staff would hate or love it if I did this?
2. I love how people write on the web. This example from their "best of" section of an actual "lost pet" posting (worth reading; note - has expletives).
3. The simplicity of their Factsheet.
4. Total of 27 staff in their one office in San Fran (pic - from Wikimedia Commons).

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