Friday, September 21, 2007

Remembrance Day .. and Remembrance

Wore my old POW Bracelet today (pic) in honor of Lt Col. William Potter - because local newspaper had full-page ad reminding it's POW/MIA Remembrance Day. Got bracelet in the seventh grade. Until Google, only knew what bracelet inscribed - name, rank, date MIA. Would not have known his story or that remains identified in 1995. Web also includes ... how returning POWs might receive a hundred bracelets in the mail sent by those who wore name on bracelet, pictures/stories of those missing or killed - and remembered on "virtual walls", and history of bracelet itself.

Many Associations have buildings, libraries, rooms, scholarship funds, awards, and more named in honor of someone. But do later generations of members and scholarship or award recipients get those stories? Do we provide remembrance? Maybe we should each set aside time each year to get the stories of those who earned their name in our association histories and share them - and/or set up a "virtual wall" on our sites so legacy can be found.

They aren't just names. We can provide remembrance.

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