Friday, September 14, 2007

Fan of TripAdvisor - get real info on where you're headed

I'm a big fan of the TripAdvisor site. Allows researching facilities throughout the world, and allows participation in Forums on nearly any destination. Find info extremely accurate - because it's real travelers reporting on their experience. When conflicting comments it's often because a portion of facility has been renovated, another portion hasn't (good to know in advance.) Even if booked two years out, at least one month prior to meeting happening I look at recent TripAdvisor posts. Then either print user comments out or email them to facility (or facilities) being used. If users say the front desk is rude and in-room refrigerators are dirty, then know to follow-up to ensure doesn't happen when we're there. Comments not restricted to large facilities, it's locations of all sizes even in remote areas.

TripAdvisor Forums are excellent for other purposes - from identifying great local restaurants, to unique or popular sightseeing options, to finding great personal guide. When my family took a recent trip to Prague, their Prague Forum helped us find an absolutely superb guide, Sarka (pic). Forum also helped find an affordable car service from Munich back to Prague - dependable option to work with our schedule. Try it for your upcoming destinations or personal travel.

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