Friday, September 28, 2007

Lessons from cruise control

While driving many hours in thunderstorms last night, wishing I could use cruise control - but learned that lesson. Several years ago my car hydroplaned on very icy road (Turnpike), spun around several times, and landed in snow bank. No damage to me, lots to car. After relaying I was driving 25 mph, with cruise control, police officer said "don't you know to never drive on icy or wet roads with cruise control on - can cause rapid acceleration and hydroplaning". No, I didn't know. Where would I have learned that? See these tips for driving in the rain.

Was so frightened by experience, and so surprised okay, that phoned people from snow bank to say grateful to have them in my life. Very glad I did. Why don't we make those calls when it's not resulting from a huge scare?

Lessons learned:
1. Never use cruise control when driving on icy or wet roads;
2. If you're grateful to have certain people in your life - tell them now. Don't wait.

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