Sunday, September 2, 2007

Flickr, EasyShare, Shutterfly, others ..

Went to the wedding of a friend's daughter this afternoon and took 110 pictures with my digital camera (during seven hours). No, I wasn't the photographer, I was just a guest. Told other guests I'd "send the pictures". Arrived at the unfortunate moment tonight where I realized I need to learn more advanced "photo sharing" than my "here are a few pictures" that I would typically just attach to email. There are several choices of online photo-sharing services. Hard to know if it's really convenient or overly-public to post them in online galleries. I've received photo albums/galleries by email from others in the past, but that didn't make clear which service is best (Flickr, EasyShare, Shutterfly). Also decided to use the "must register" feature which likely just helps the sharing service capture a customer while creating a nuisance for those who want to see them. Hmmm ....


Ben Martin, CAE said...

Flickr and are the geekiest. The others are more old economy, but they are still very good. It depends on what your preferred end result is. If you want to create paper prints, shutterfly and easyshare and snapfish are probably better. If you're looking for a way to share pictures and allow others to comment on them with cool interactive features, zooomr and flickr are better. On flickr: Some members of my family don't seem to "get it." Can't register, can't figure out how to navigate, etc. I don't understand why they can't get it. It's pretty intuitive, and anyone with a Yahoo! account can just login using their Y! credentials.

GramE Pat said...

Have you tried Picasa?
Easy to use with a gmail account.
Several new features.The new map view lets you show where you took your photos.You can also use your mobile phone to view your albums, comment on photos, and/or search for interesting public photos. Nice bonus features.