Saturday, September 22, 2007

8 more travel tips - wireless, electrical access

Got email response to recent article, with more tips for wireless and electrical access when traveling. From Jerry Matthews who relays, "As you know I travel extensively as a consultant, and have [many] Internet complaints." Mac user too.

His suggestions [verbatim]:
1. Travel with ethernet cable. Pays for itself first time.
2. Travel with Apple Airport Express (pic). Smaller than your hand wireless router that you plug in hotel ethernet connection and gives your computer wireless access thus freedom in the room. Works with Mac and PC. (Also works with USB devices like printers making them wireless.)
3. Get an iPhone which has unlimited Internet access with real web pages and unlimited e-mail... or other cell phone with access as backup.
4. When you enter your hotel room check out wireless access before you unpack. There are "dead zones" (or other excuses) and if your room is in one you can move immediately.
5. Join Wyndham ByRequest, a free membership that automatically gives free Internet access and free long distance. (And a welcome batch of munchies). No minimum stays required. Not that many Wyndhams but my choice every time.

6. Travel with an outlet splitter. Allows two plugs for one outlet. Good for hotel rooms but also for airports when another traveller beats you to the only outlet.
7. Delta has small desks/counters and plenty of outlets in a "Changing Center" in their gate areas.

8. If not familiar with hotel do not believe their Internet site call them directly - not national reservations center - and ask for a manager to get the truth (hopefully).

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DavidS said...

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