Monday, November 10, 2008

Incentivizing Success (and Savings)

Employee incentives don't need to be large to bring success. A colleague relayed he offers $25 gift cards to employees for a number of success-based endeavors, such as securing a headquarters hotel reservation for an association officer or staff person attending a state or national conference. He'll give each staff a name of someone traveling to a meeting, and all those who can get the inexpensive rate at the first or second choice hotel for their name gets a gift card.

Usually requires they're online at opening date/time (like trying to get concert or sporting event tickets) - but makes it more fun to have an incentive and has increased their success (and overall savings too).


Anonymous said...

Is incentivizing really a word?

Cindy Butts said...

Well, not officially a word ... but yet I'm using it anyway.