Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's a lot of relief for 15 minutes ...

Bemoaning the fact I have a 7 hour wait at an airport, a fellow meeting attendee suggested that I go to the airport spa. As I sit at Northwest terminal waiting (and working), thought I'd Google it.

This is how treatment described: "Oxygen Therapy -- You sit in a comfy chair with a two-pronged plastic tube up your nose, usually for 15 minutes, getting oxygen scented with essential oils that help you relax or boost your immune system."

The official spa website describes its $18 oxygen treatment this way: "A 15-minute session enhances stamina, eliminates fatigue, minimizes toxic build-up and intensifies mental alterness. "

Hmm, that's fixing a lot of things for $18. Chalk it up to my cranky mood, but why do I think I'd end up with someone else's cold if I tried this? However, there's always the manicure option, which won't do anything for my mental alterness but likely where I'm headed.

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