Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lessons from Lance Armstrong ...

So a tanned and athletic Lance Armstrong strolls out on stage in jeans and starts talking. I was struck by how entirely different his messages are from a more typical convention program message.

To think about ....

1. "Karma is a bitch." He told a story about being dismissed by a team while having cancer treatments. He later beat that team. There actually is a lot to be said about karma, and how we treat people facing difficult times in their lives;

2. "I thought we'd sell maybe a few hundred thousand." Another story was the donation of funds by Nike to make the first Livestrong bracelets. Lance anticipated a few hundred thousand would be sold - but found they quickly sold 4 million then 20 million then 70 million worldwide - at $1/each. Lessons - try new fundraising techniques, get any donation you can (even $1), make it personal (when it's personal);

3. "I made excuses instead of recognizing symptoms." Lance said that headaches and blurred vision must have been after-effect of drinking or stress, coughing blood must be related to a sinus problem, testicular pain must be the bicycle - but they were actually cancer. He urged attendees not to ignore symptoms and not to have changes in their body that are "too embarrassing" to discuss with a doctor. If it's your health, work, personal life - if you're making excuses you might want to look at the symptoms.

Here's an interview he did at a conference two days before ours .... if you'd like "more Lance".

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