Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess I skipped that course. But where was it?

I'm beginning to believe there's a whole set of skills that full-time association executives may not necessary possess (or maybe it's just me), and I wonder how they even learn. My daughter plays a college sport and it seems many parents know how to set up fairly elaborate tailgate events each game. Like BLT sandwiches for 75, or really hot vegetarian chili -- but they can drive it across three states and somehow it's hot at the end of the game -- and set up in minutes too.

Where exactly are these "life skills" courses for association execs?

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Lisa Junker said...

I would say that many association execs learn those kinds of "life skills" on the job. And a lot of that learning comes from making mistakes ... and telling yourself, "I won't do that next time!"