Friday, November 7, 2008

Annual Concert Photo & Observations

Attending our national association's convention, tonight Lionel Richie was the Celebrity Concert. Thought I was late but turned out it was just as he was coming on stage, and just as they let attendees up near the stage. Like last year (with James Taylor) I ended up very close to the stage.

1. Sometimes it is about being at the right place at the right time;
2. If you want people to do something, ask them ("sing along", "clap");
3. The pushy people making their way past you really can make their way past you;
4. Innovation is one thing; but many times people really do want what they know and already love. He sang only standards from the decades that were very well known;
5. A new concert trend was started: the business card. There were room keys being handed to Lionel, and even committee badges and a rose. But when he said he wanted to buy a house and asked someone for their card, hundreds of hands went up holding business cards - and he collected stacks of them. And this went on the whole concert. All night long. All night.

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