Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Associations Can Learn from Oprah

One thing associations can learn from Oprah is the value of teaching new technologies by just routinely using new technologies. For example, Oprah uses Skype on nearly every show. And millions and millions of viewers (of all ages) are now very familiar with it. (Skype allows free calls and video connections over the Internet, even Internationally.)

Oprah did a ten week "class" with an author as a live "web event" - that drew a staggering worldwide audience .... along with putting podcasts on iTunes. For a sold-out women's conference, she offered streaming video so anyone could watch it live. She also routinely drives people to her website (e.g., go now to download a free book, get a coupon that you can use for whatever, participate on our message boards, watch more of the conversation, etc.)

Rather than continuously teaching (or preaching) about new technologies, maybe associations should follow Oprah's lead and just routinely use them. When members use them as part of their association experience they'll realize how they can also incorporate them into their own business. And that's a value associations bring.

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