Sunday, June 8, 2008

OMG - what happened to the bunnies and penguins?

When I first started doing presentations about how to incorporate free things on the Internet into business (a really long time ago), I even added a few minutes of showing free online greeting cards - which at the time was bluemountain. There was space to customize messages; and choices were very wholesome (like Hallmark) - bunnies hopping and maybe penguins dancing. Being free, unique and customizable was a big feature at the time.

Then other online postcards became available, and my personal favorites were the New Yorker cartoons. They were free too, and definitely related to business. And favorite ones could also be ordered as print cards.

Recently I found another free online card site named someecards, with the tag-line "when you care enough to hit send". Probably 85% of the ones looked at I could actually never send to anyone either because the situation really would not appear in my life OR for fear the database gods would store that forever and hold me accountable for it. Some are really funny and I could send; others would be in the category "now if I didn't want a future career in association management I know exactly who this one would go to". You might want to check it out but be warned some of the content is graphic.

I asked a teenager if she'd ever heard of someecards and apparently they're either on Facebook or something raunchier is an option as a "bumper sticker" on Facebook. So naturally I'm thinking there's some new tool for me to try and I was being completely talked out of even LOOKING at them. Bumper stickers get posted on sites for the many hundreds of social media friends any ONE teenager (or others) may have to see.

Not only are we way past the bunnies and penguins ... now can just openly post whatever the e-card/bumper sticker message is on a public site instead of "sending" it anywhere. Live and learn!

Note: Hallmark now has print cards that can be customized with both pictures you upload and music.

Another note: Do you think ANY association social media site will ever have the same level of engagement/success as any ONE teenager?

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