Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ASAE: Read along - part 3 of 3

Part 3 of 3. Pull out your 6/08 ASAE magazine if you want to read the whole articles ... and read along with Cindy ...

9. Pg. AM1-17. Eighteen pages promoting a conference. OMG. Walk the walk. If we want to "green" our organizations, we all need to look at what paper we're using for what purpose. For example, there's no reason why a 3-hour "block party" during the conference needs a FULL PAGE in the magazine. I'd rather have that page be used for content. Or use the money to decrease the cost to attend the conference - in these economic times, cost matters.

10. Speaking of missing content ... Did you know ASAE has a PAC? I found out when saw a contribution to ASAE's PAC on my national PAC's agenda, but otherwise as a member of ASAE I didn't know it. One thing we sell BIG in our industry is the need to have the PAC be part of the organizational CULTURE, using every available membership communication to explain/sell the value. Should find some space on the block party page (or somewhere else in the magazine) to MENTION a PAC exists and what it does!

11. Pg. 79 - Small Scale - Financial policies. Section for those with small associations - written by association execs in those associations. Article explains why CEO needs to learn QuickBooks, have internal controls, use program-based budgets, importance of clear financial policies and duties, and need for efficiency. A funny line starts with "schedule time with yourself to ...." Ah yes, the ol' why don't I meet with me since I'm the staff doing this and the staff in charge ...

12. Pg. 83 - CEO to CEO - lessons from least favorite job. First note is images are sketches of association execs instead of their pictures. (I have no idea if they look like that but had a sense I wouldn't want to be sketched.) Points given are definitely true - a) details matter; b) "some people really are just evil"; c) don't be a whiner; d) the person who interacts with the members has key value position; and e) "ask yourself regularly if the job you have is the right fit."

13. Pg. 87 - Now online. Highlights of the ASAE website. Top newsletter article entitled "Seating Chart Magic". WHAT could that be? I haven't looked, but interesting it's #1! [UPDATE: Just checked. It's a PAC fundraising article about seating people with common interests together!]

14. Pg. 112 - Lessons from failure. Association exec accidentally mailed every speaker at a conference what every other speaker was being paid, and then had to increase the honoraria for the lower paid ones since they found out. Ouch. Lesson is no matter how incredibly busy we are, have to find time to double check what's being sent out. Very good point.

If you're not a member of ASAE and getting the magazine, it's worth the dues. Here's the link to join.

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