Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tale of Woe: 3 AM Text from a Speaker

My entire day was thrown off because the speaker for an education course sent a TEXT message that his flight was canceled (at 3 AM) instead of calling. For a 9 AM class. And the person the TEXT was sent to doesn't sleep with his "device". So, morning mayhem.

And what's on the registration form of everyone who signed up? Their office phone number. Which works if people are in the office; and they often aren't if they've signed up for a 9 AM class.

Lessons learned:
1. Ensure the instructor knows the right way to provide notification in the event of a problem. It may not occur to someone who always uses text messaging that there's a time to use the phone number to wake someone up instead of using it to send a text ( ... like 6 hours before class when you're a thousand miles away and it's the middle of the night, for example);

2. Ensure students give cell phone info and/or home phone info on registration forms - in event need to contact students before a class. (Not all students check email throughout the early morning so that has limited help).

My parenting as AE advice (noted yesterday) is still ahead. But today I was all about tracking and moving. And now I'm going to bed. Without my Blackberry. If you text me something important at 3 AM, I just might not respect you in the morning.

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