Thursday, June 19, 2008

AllTop: Headlines and Posts for Nonprofits

There's a great site that has the headlines of "top blogs" in many areas -- from entertainment, to sports, to moms, to blogging, to nonprofits ... to many other categories:

FINALLY -- a site that compiles many blogs related to running nonprofits -- and shows last 5 headlines (along with links to posts) of each -- in a time-saving format. Note that many are specifically focused on philanthropy and charitable activities - but many headlines on practical aspects of association management, fundraising, and social media too. Bookmark this:

Here's a few interesting posts I found on the
nonprofit section of AllTop:

1. How the
wrong hire can derail a healthy organization (Nonprofit Quarterly);
YouTube Nonprofit Program (Gift Hub);
3. Nonprofit
Auctions take a hit ( Nonprofits);
4. Where
young voters get their information (The Agitator);
Fundraising Secret #20 - Asking people to do something specific (Extreme Fundraising Blog).

Special thanks to
Maddie for the info about this site.

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Marc A. Pitman, CFCC said...

Thanks for the link! I'm liking Alltop too!