Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gotta love this speaker intro (and more)

Looking for a speaker's intro today, and found this:

"Official Terry-Approved Speaker Introduction - Use to introduce Terry at your event -
Here it is: 'Ladies and gentlemen, Terry Watson!' That's it!"

This is an exemplary site for meeting planners that I wish all speakers had. His site includes:
1. Calendar with dates of availability (I often don't have flexible dates);
2. Site to download course objectives, timed outlines, handouts (to submit for continuing education credit) - they provide document passwords;
3. All his A/V needs;
4. Short video (I'm adding to our convention Facebook page - with his OK);
5. Pictures to use with promotional materials; and ....
... his 5 word intro!

If you think about it, we sell students on the speaker BEFORE they get to class ... So why not just get right to the content ...

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