Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you're not asking you may not be getting

How I know I'm in sales: I travel around with a tub of coated paper clips to urge contributions to our political action committee (PAC) anytime I speak with members or affiliates. PAC success is nearly entirely direct asking still - and paper clips for every seat so members can attach money, checks, business card to record contributions correctly (also sheets for credit card contributions). And since I still need another 500 member contributions to reach goal, it's the 500 size tub of paper clips.

But it's not just selling PAC contributions .... association executives are continuously selling many things:
1. Ideas
2. Programs
3. Products
4. Elimination of programs or products
5. Decisions of the Board of Directors
6. Change
7. Participation
8. Opportunities
9. Value

Even if you're naturally good at sales, some of it takes experience and training. Consider courses in sales, negotiations, public speaking to improve your sales skills. You're likely already selling every day, so consider the potential advantages to getting better at it.

And while I'm thinking about it, have you given to your PAC?

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