Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How can I empower you today?

In calling an association in another part of the country, was surprised to hear the receptionist answer the phone, "Hello, this is (name), how can I empower you today?"

I'm rarely speechless, but my "can I speak with (another name)" response seemed insufficient. As the day goes by I've thought about how she could empower me - send me a Wonder Woman outfit; give me whatever the list would be of how she believes she could empower me; ask what makes me sound un-empowered; etc. I can't even picture what the potential answers might be if we answered the phone that way.

In any event, if I ever contact that association again I'm asking for a copy of their strategic plan and latest issue of their publication. That question gives the sense they're out there doing something unique; and at a minimum challenging the thinking of every caller, regardless of the purpose of the call.

1. What question does your association ask when answering the phone?
2. How can I empower you today?

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