Friday, March 21, 2008

3 "How to" Staff Training Ideas

Looking for practical training to add to staff meetings, that doesn't take all day and is actually helpful? My daughter just completed volunteer training at a hospital and learned a few things I've never thought to include ...

1. How to operate a fire extinguisher. My office has them. Not sure any on staff actually know how to operate it or the most efficient/correct way to put a fire out. At my daughter's training they had to operate one - into a garbage can.

2 How to sneeze. Here's link to a video made by Maine Medical Association (click type of player to start). May be helpful to have someone at local hospital talk about how illness spreads and what to do to prevent workplace illness.

3. How to interview. After my daughter's interview, the head of HR department gave tremendous amount of practical advice on interviewing techniques. He interviews hundreds. Might be good to have staff practice with a professional. Even some volunteer positions include interview requirement.

Anything interesting/helpful you've included with staff meetings or training?

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