Monday, March 10, 2008

Association Management: An Art, not just Skills

An interesting facet of association management is how many aren't cut out for it - and leave or burn out quickly. The range of areas to be involved with, the volume of people and personalities, membership desire for instant success and free, and the numerous ways to get into trouble from hurt feelings to legal issues to financial challenges is not just for the skilled, but also for the artist. It's possible to do everything in your job description, and still appear to be doing nothing. That's because there's a huge degree of creativity that can't be quantified or easily described, but necessary in creating association success.
Having spent the past few days chaperoning tours with high school students, nearly entirely in French-language (and I stopped being fluent around 25 years ago), I likely spent much time focused on English descriptions at an art museum if for no other reason than glee to find English.

This AHA quote by painter Leon Bellefleur: "During the process, no reasoning. Only eyes and heart with exaltation and spontaneity. I don't believe you can leave a message without those two essentials. The rest is a matter of work, research, unhurried effort, sincerity and passion."

So much of what we do involves work, research, effort, sincerity and passion ....
but possible the part that sends and leaves the message, and makes us artists, is without reason - involving exaltation and spontaneity.
What are you creating? Are you using your eyes and heart too?

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