Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Towel People

A common feature of beach resorts and cruises are the towel people. Those are people who get up extra early to put their towels or random personal items across every great location - such as under huts or on chaise lounges right by the pool - so they're sure to have several together when they want it during the day. Sometimes they only show up for an hour mid-afternoon, while those spending the entire day at the pool or beach can't use that location since it's "taken" ... all day.

That can happen in associations too:

1. People accept positions on committee or Directors just in case there's an issue they want to weigh in on. But only appear when they want to show up.
2. People accept appointments, but cancel the day of the meeting due to an unexpected conflict. Too late to give anyone else the space.
3. Some associations have issues that may need real-time deliberations that might require an afternoon, not just an hour; or not just weighing in online.

Everyone wants what they want. But if there are limited resources - whether it be volunteer positions or chairs in the best positions - it's helpful to think about what might be fair to everyone at the pool. Or is it all about getting the best hour in? Is it selfish, or is it ensuring the best possible personal trip to claim our space for when we want it?

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