Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Association Staff: The Beneficiary Check

Do you have any idea who you designated as the beneficiary on the life insurance policy provided by your association? Do your employees still remember who they designated?

Many years ago, an association employee passed away and one of her children called because the family was really surprised about the beneficiary to her life insurance policy - it was totally inconsistent with everything else noted in the will. But it didn't matter - the beneficiary is the beneficiary; and the determination was between the insurance company and the employee.

Especially with longtime employees who may have had significant life changes during their many years of employment, one thought may never have been to check or change the beneficiary on the life insurance policy provided by the association. Wouldn't it be a big surprise to an ex-husband or a nephew to later find they are the beneficiary of an insurance policy because the employee never changed that information?

Contact your association's life insurance provider and ask to provide beneficiary change forms to provide to your staff - or ask if there is a number employees can call to verify who they may have designated.

Employees really don't think to make that change when their life has changed.

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