Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take 15 minutes: What's going on with those links?

Our association (like many others) offered membership web pages so they'd have a "presence on the Internet" - back when we were collectively first learning about email and the Internet. We'd take photos at membership meetings to add to their page and provide guidance on how to update personal info on that page. The good: there was a lot of content put on those sites. The bad: some of it didn't get updated again ... so flash forward, we have all sorts of pictures of members that now look like high school photos; and information they put about themselves 10 or 15 years ago pretty much froze in time. The (maybe) ugly: the public can find how outdated it is too.

Recently I checked out the blogroll and links on our association blog and site. Yikes. Did the weeks turn into months turn into years - and all those sites and blogs are now gone? It took minutes for me to remove them - but how long were they wrong?!

Have you checked out the content on your association sites to see what really needs to be removed or updated; and how many links referenced in documents are long gone?

Set aside just 15 minutes today and look at all your association Internet sites. Find what you can delete now that needs to go, and just do it. Identify who is going to go through the rest of your links and site content to update, remove or educate about it.

Things have changed in the past 15 years - and some of your blogroll, links and content likely needs to change too. Although I sort of like my former professional picture (above) ... it's not exactly current.

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