Thursday, January 5, 2012

6 Reasons your Association should Sponsor a Sports Program

The association that is our Connecticut counterpart is a sponsor of a Division I University's basketball games. There are 6 reasons they do it ... that are each good reasons for you to consider sponsoring a team/program in your area/state too:

1. Popular tickets for fundraising events and/or prizes: Their sponsorship includes season tickets to the men's and women's home basketball games. Those have been used as prizes at meeting/events and for fundraising efforts (like their scholarship fund and Foundation.)

2. Way to support local association events: Their season tickets are shared with their local boards for them to use as prizes or for fundraising efforts on the local level. (They say this alone has been "an awesome benefit.")

3. Member Appreciation Days - and Member Savings: They are also able to offer "Member Appreciation Days" at select football and basketball games - with tickets available to members for as low as $10. Members have saved several thousands of dollars from regular ticket prices. Plus, members have fun.

4. Public Announcements with Key Messages: They have two public announcements during basketball games at the large home game arena that are tied to their public relations campaign theme; along with a video board display during the announcements. They have the same thing at the campus arena, but also two signs over the tunnels with their public relations campaign logo.

5. Supporting a State University: Members feel good about providing support to a state university program.

6. Target Demographic/Audience for PR Campaign Message: They found it's a great opportunity to reach an important target audience with their target message ... specifically, the young people who attend these games, the school alumni and fans; as well as the visiting team's students, alumni and fans.

Special thanks to Beth Mecteau at the CT Association of REALTORS for providing all this great info ...

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