Monday, January 23, 2012

Office Technology: More to worry about

Are your meetings being watched via your videoconferencing equipment without your knowledge? An article in the New York Times gives that a big maybe. Apparently hackers can often easily get into those video conference systems - thus into the board rooms that host the equipment - and can then watch and listen to everything that happens in those rooms. The article also mentions that the US Chamber found that an IP address in China may have accessed them via an apartment thermostat and office printer. Seriously, did we need more office equipment to worry about?

Here are a few more things to think about:

1.) If someone who leaves in a board room during executive session, but an open laptop or activated device remains, could he/she (or someone remotely) be taping or listening to the discussion?

2.) If you don't collect devices before a hearing, could the parties listen in to the deliberation if an open phone line that remains in a room? (Note to REALTOR Association Execs - the Professional Standards manual has a section devoted to collecting devices at hearings)

3.) Could your presentations or meetings be taped via a phone or laptop without you expecting it? I was once asked after doing a presentation if it could be uploaded onto YouTube. I didn't even know I was being taped - it wasn't remotely obvious.

4.) Is your laptop set to prohibit remote access?

Remember the good old days when the only concern was whether office equipment worked or not ... Now we have to be suspicious of any equipment obvious or concealed in any meeting room too.

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