Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random thoughts from the road

Maybe women have always worn the "Sarah Palin" hairstyle, but I'm only now noticing it at various airports. And I know we apparently aren't "allowed" to talk candidate/elected official hair, or it's some sign of disengagement in real issues, but ....

Stayed at a "modern" hotel ... the Intercontinental at O'Hare ... and it had lots and lots of things to appear to be modern ... like little fake sculpture birds on a rod on the wall (pictured - something different to look at) ... and cool lamps ... but the shower didn't have a complete door (we all compared notes at the meeting on if the floor ended up wet or not) and the sink/counter more difficult to manage than regular bathrooms. And wireless for $12.95 a night is not modern. Above all, a really comfortable hotel with good food in the meeting room ... and at least the sleeping room HAD wireless AND it worked in the meeting room. A big pet peeve of mine is when I pay for wireless in a sleeping room and then it doesn't count/work in the meeting room (i.e., wants separate fee.)

Have you found anything unique during business travel lately?

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Anonymous said...

Frankly, birds give me the creeps.

But god bless them for hotel-wide web access, even though $12.95 is kind of pricey. Hotel-wide is almost unheard of. I am so tired of jacked-up hotel prices for Internet. The only thing they are doing is driving everyone to purchase monthly wireless access cards. And what will they do then?