Sunday, September 28, 2008

Association Decisions and the Dilemma of Change

Who can forget the big moment in the movie "Dirty Dancing" when Neal suggests they experiment with the Pachanga as the final dance of the season at Kellerman's, when Johnny wants to try his moves instead? Don't we have those type dilemmas in associations all the time?

Should we play the type music we always play at conventions (even as the demographics still strongly support it)? Are the installations and oath the same as always? Is the order of events endearing due to their predictability or out-dated? What happens if Johnny wants to try new moves? Do we do this, or that?

And, special analogy for those who watch the movie: Can we let Baby out of the corner, or does change mean just trying the Pachanga?

Whatever decision, chances are likely someone's going to be unhappy (not like the movies). The problem with change in associations - especially if it breaks tradition - is that many may like the tradition as that is what draws them to return, where others want change as that could draw them to return. Any decision is right, and wrong.

It's like the expression, "listen to the members." That only works if they're all saying the same thing. If the organization doesn't do what one group wants you're "not listening," but for the other group you "are listening" because the organization went in the direction they desired.

Can you have this dance? Sure. Which one?

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