Sunday, September 14, 2008

Being prepared at home too

Are you prepared for anything? Including at home? Tonight the power went out in our neighborhood. My son and I were the only ones home and couldn't find anything. The matches from my wedding 21 years ago wouldn't work (we still have a box of them - isn't it amazing that used to be a wedding favor?), the fireplace/candle lighter wouldn't ignite, the flashlights couldn't be found. We used our cell phones and laptops for light. And I finally remembered we keep flashlights in the cars and suitcases. For auto and travel emergencies.

Of course my son was barraged with text messages from his friends about the power (I got none). Our power company has a way to check to see the status of outages on any street in a town - which I can check from my Blackberry.

The local newspaper had an article today on filling a storage bin full of things for a short-term emergency supply kit at home (including radio, water and boxed food items). I scanned the list but didn't really think enough about it. Tomorrow I'm doing it.

Are you sure you can find your flashlights? Are you prepared for an emergency at home too?

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Anonymous said...

Love the storage bin suggestion!
Top on today's 'to do' list!