Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creating Balance: Bobby, do ya love me?

Among the songs I heard on XM radio driving 12 hours on Saturday was Bobby Sherman's "Julie, Do Ya Love Me". When I was 11 years old I didn't think it was possible to love someone more than I loved Bobby Sherman -- sleepover parties had one topic (Bobby versus David) with their pictures under our pillows, I'd wait for each issue of "Tiger Beat" to find out details like what his favorite color is, carried a lunch box with his picture, and instead of Julie sang "Bobby, Do Ya Love Me."

Before our lives become complicated there's such freedom to spend time doing mainly what we love or focused on what we love. As we grow in overload and responsibilities, it's really easy to never have time, or be able to read ridiculous magazines instead of something that's supposed to be relevant, or be able to spend a whole day doing only one thing.

There was sooooooo much work I could have done yesterday - things that need to be done, and literally a hundred emails to answer .... or I could drive several states away to watch my daughter play college field hockey.

The answer: the only way to really have balance is to decide to have more balance. It certainly doesn't just happen. Find time.

And if you need to be reminded, you can get a "Julie, Do Ya Love Me" ringtone.


Anonymous said...

And what about his TV show?? Didn't you just LOVE watching him? Also, let's not forget Donny and Mark...the back of my bedroom door was one huge collage of color pages from "16" and "Spec" magazines. Thanks for reminding me of those "much less complicated" times!

David Gammel said...

Good advice on life balance only happening if you actually take some balancing actions!

I had a Space: 1999 lunchbox in grade school. Martin Landau in his prime! :)