Friday, December 9, 2011

8 Ways to Highlight your Association Mission Statement

The God of Governance, Bob Harris, includes these 8 ways to highlight your mission statement in his Coaching the Board President publication:

1. Printed on the back of name table tent cards.
2. On the back of staff business cards.
3. At the bottom or reverse side of meeting agendas.
4. Framed on the conference room wall.
5. Imprinted on coffee cups.
6. On the back of conference name badges.
7. In every newsletter.
8. On the cover of the leadership manual.

We once made the mistake of putting our mission statement on oval-shaped wood that ended up looking like a toilet seat cover on the wall. Don't do that.

If you've never checked out the staggering volume of free Bob Harris materials on his site, go there now! Huge volume of valuable information for associations.

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