Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who's reading your body language?

Actress Helen Mirren (who I love) was interviewed for television's "Masterpiece Theater" about her role as Jane Tennison on the "Prime Suspect" series. She said detectives are experts at reading body language, and she got this insight for developing the character from a policewomen prior to starting the series: [Note - I'd say the other side to each of these can give an appearance of being human - but depends on circumstance or profession as to how it's read]

Don't cry in front of others. Doesn't mean don't cry, just do it where you aren't seen.

Never fold your arms. It's an immediate sign of being defensive. Keeping your arms unfolded is a sign of openness. Helen said she went the entire "Prime Suspect" series never folding her arms.

Touch them. It "incorporates them into your power". So all this time I thought touching someone during a conversation was a sign of affection, and it's really a sign of power?

Hmm ... I don't even think email is entirely void of body language.

Picture from PBS Prime Suspect site

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