Friday, December 19, 2008

What? How did THAT demographic happen?

Noticed a "View Insights" button on my association's Facebook page. Clicked it and got these demographics for our "Fans"- (since Facebook collects demographics on each of us).

13-17 - 0%
18-24 - 2%
25-34 - 23%
35-44 - 34%
45+ - 41%

My Insights:

1. The OLDEST demographic category is 45+. Exactly how does THAT happen?

2. I think sometimes we try to lead members to certain technologies (whether fax machines, or email, or social media) when the reality is they find it and learn it when they're ready. Like that expression "when the student is ready the teacher appears" ... And more seem to be ready for Facebook now, because so many peers (or kids) are using it, than even a few months ago.

3. Do you think to check the statistics of your sites and compare it to membership statistics?

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