Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't believe everything you read (or I have a radiator to sell you)

After 400 plus blog entries, I have finally managed to appear first when searching my name on Google. This is no small feat considering my Googleganger, the crime-fighting Cindy Butts, manages to be in the London newspapers continuously (she shows up in my Google Alerts too).

However, I've also found that likely due to my association's acronym, sites that pull random info from the web to profile individuals may show me as the CEO of the Maine Auto Radiator Manufacturing Company. I'm including a picture of what that business makes for "muscle cars." Not only would it be a really terrible career for me but I do wonder if someone randomly searching my name wonders about my radiator expertise. (That would be zero.)

A few thoughts:

1. Do you search your name to see what shows up?
2. If you need a reason to blog, one is that it does move you up in Google search results;
3. Set up Google Alerts for your own name, and your association name, if you haven't already (note - you can also set up an alert for other people or organizations you may be interested in);
4. Don't believe everything you read. Sometimes it's totally wrong. Sometimes there's more to the story;
5. If you need a radiator for a muscle/other type car, the best I can do is send you a link.

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