Friday, August 1, 2008

4 Reasons your association should buy a Wii

All the credit for this one goes to Connie from Topeka who gave me 4 reasons why an association should own a Wii .... as we stood and waited for the valet parkers in Missouri ...

1. PAC (or other) Fundraising Event - Wii Sports (often packaged with Wii) has baseball, golf, tennis, bowling that can be used for fundraising competitions without having to leave a meeting or office space;

2. Staff Wellness - add on the Wii Fit with balance board - sometimes staff doesn't have time or desire to leave office to exercise - and the association can't afford real exercise equipment in-house. This is easy/affordable option;

3. Travel Wellness - can bring it on trips to do in-room exercise (she had the Wii and exercise board hooked to her luggage);

4. Convention "Fun Night" - set up as an optional fun activity during a conference.

Any other association uses for a Wii?

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Deirdre Reid said...

We used a Wii (bowling) in our association booth at our own trade show. We have a booth to further promote our association and our message to attendees. It's hard to get anyone to pay attention to us while we're surrounded by exhibitors they really want to see so we used the Wii to attract attention (are they bowling?) and get people to stop by, play and chat a bit.
-Deirdre Reid, CA Building Industry Assn