Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guest Post: My Technology Wake-Up Call

I'm thrilled that (very funny) colleague Keith Holm said I could post this here. A guest blog post ...

So ... Today I take my CFO to the ATT Store to order her a new iPhone. She's very excited. I bought one a few weeks ago and needed some accessories so we decided to go to the Apple store in the mall. I wanted to pick up a cord that I needed to plug my iPhone into the aux outlets in the car so I can play music from my phone.

The nine year old sales person who was helping us says, "I can check you out." He pulls out this little palm held device. He uses it to read the tag on the box, swipe my credit card and complete the sale. Wendy, my CFO and I said that we are way too old to deal with this technology. "What ever happened to old fashioned cash registers?" we asked. He pointed to the back of the store and said they had one back there. Then he asks me if I want a printed receipt, mailed receipt or emailed receipt. I said, "email would be fine." He tapped his little machine and asked me if my email address is [gives email address]. I said yes. How the heck he knew my email address I'll never know. Once again, Wendy and I felt like we should head to the retirement home.

Then the kid said, "Would you like that in a bag? That's kind of old fashioned." I wanted to punch him. Before I got to the door of the store, my phone beeped. My email receipt arrived.

As we were leaving, he asked if we needed help with anything else. I told him our walkers were double-parked outside and we didn't have time to look at anything else.

When I got back to my office, I looked at our retail area in our store and thought, welcome to the 90’s. Keeping up with technology isn't easy but it’s clear we have no choice.

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