Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Nighttime Association

Using MeetingWizard (a free meetings scheduling program I love) to set up a Board of Directors conference call, I accidentally set a meeting start time as 9PM instead of 9AM. About two hours later someone noticed so I sent a corrected meeting time. And then several people complained that they liked the evening time much more than the morning time.

I've always tried to be flexible around volunteer president schedules - and in the pre-email days when there were lots of phone calls and live meetings - might often meet/call early morning (6AM) or after business hours (8PM) - if that was the preference - so that person didn't have to schedule so much of their "real jobs" around the association president position needs. But what about all the other Board members .... and volunteers?

Maybe we could attract an entirely different group of volunteers if association activities weren't always during business hours? And maybe there are association executives who are most productive at night anyway (e.g., most of my association e-newsletters are written around midnight) - and would welcome more (or any) evening options for volunteerism?

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