Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Going Global - While U R Sleeping

My friend/colleague Judith is in Sarajevo establishing an association management corporation to help real estate communities in emerging economies. It's part of the effort of the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF), and its CEO Norm Flynn. Doing it through sponsored funding of a professional management corporation in each country which will manage several different groups of real estate professionals under one roof, or umbrella. Gives professional staff without the initial expense. Ultimate goal is to grow the management company so the associations own it and it's self sustaining. Judith's job is to go in, set up the corporation, hire the AE, train that person, and be the mentor. Already found clients too.

Many businesses routinely use global partners to solve staffing or timing issues - such as a consortium of International radiologists - where a radiologist in the U.S. reads x-rays for doctors in other countries, and a radiologist in Europe or India will read x-rays for doctors in the U.S. Difference in time zones works to the advantage - ensures faster response time for doctors and patients who don't want to wait. There may be any number of professional global sources - with shared expertise - who could finish certain association tasks while we sleep -- and we can finish their tasks while they sleep.

Can someone anywhere on the globe please process my professional standards complaint materials while I sleep?

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GramE Pat said...

Interesting article and concept.
Thanks for sharing.
Gives a whole new perspective for 24/7!