Thursday, August 23, 2007

4COL - Another Language to Learn!

Looking at my Blackberry a few days ago I realized I had a text message from a local president (see pic) stranded on a flight on a runway in NYC. I responded to his text and got the immediate response: “RU new 2 this”. Apparently, it is not correct text etiquette to respond using full words, as I had done. I routinely use full words with Instant Messages too. Decided it was time to learn the new language of text messaging.

Here is a text messaging abbreviations “dictionary I found online (although I have no way to know if these are accurate).

BTW, 4COL is text meaning “For crying out loud”.


GramE Pat said...

TA for the great link.
IA SMHID at the list!
TMI 4 a n00b!
Think we'll get the list memorized OOTD?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am rebelling against the trend. Complete words are fine! If you have more to say than 100 characters will allow then you can, um, call me, right?

Greater Portland Board of REALTORS® said...

I agree with Jamie notter! My teenager has been quick to point out that I text like a grandmother. While I'm "plugged in" to the language as a necessity of living in the world, I'm refusing to use it myself. YES it takes more time and YES just to annoy my daughter I'm teaching my mother to text using actual words. LOL!!! (that hurt)