Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Robert in Robert's Rules

Did you ever wonder who the Robert is in Robert's Rules of Order? Some trivia (from this source) ...

1. Full name: Henry Martyn Robert (1837-1923)
2. Graduated fourth in his class at West Point. Army Engineer.
3. Embarrassment at losing control of chairing a church meeting led to his study of parliamentary guidance.
4. Found that church rules such as "love and be kind to one another" didn't work; in fact, even added to conflicts.
5. Expected to create a 16-page guide that grew to a 176-page "Pocket Manual".
6. First edition of 4,000 copies printed in 1876 - at his own expense by private publisher.
7. His professional career included engineering oversight of various U.S. waterway/other fortifications. Served as Chief of Engineers in the Army. Retired as a brigadier general.

I once started a parliamentary procedure presentation with a "Guess the Robert" game to see if the class could guess which of three people created Robert's Rules. Those with an engineer in their family often guess the engineer.

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