Monday, July 30, 2012

Ice Breaker: AE (Association Executives) Bingo

At an event today, there was a fun ice breaker event:  AE (Association Executives) Bingo.  There are 5 squares across, 5 squares down, and each indicates something that could apply to those attending - plus a free space in the middle (for your name.)  Attendees could only include a person's name ONCE on the grid - and the first to get a bingo was the winner.  Could also be done with black-out of entire grid to extend the game.

A great way to get to know something about others in the room.

Here is what the squares for this particular bingo game included: (applicable to REALTOR associations, but could easily be modified for others):

* Has increased their affiliate membership this year
* Has attended at least 10 AE workshops
* Is a REALTOR and an AE
* Has been an AE less than 2 years
* Has less than 200 members
* Had increased their non-dues revenue
* Has a president under 30 years old
* Is attending the NAR leadership summit
* Has their RCE
* Lived in more than 3 states
* Knows the name of The Landing mascot (I think this is an association website?)
* Has an indoor pet
* Free space - your name
* Has grandchildren
* Is attending the NAR Convention in Orlando
* Owns a boat or RV
* Has their EPro designation
* Sends thank you notes weekly
* Has uploaded their picture to The Landing
* Has more than 600 members
* Has an association that crosses a state border
* Is an RPAC Major Donor
* Office is located in the same town as the state association building
* Has taken an online course
* Has used a My REALTOR Party Resource

(Thanks to Missouri REALTOR Association Execs!)

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