Friday, July 20, 2012

Add your press release to a blog ...

If you email or fax your association press release to the media, consider what else you should do with it:

1.  Post it to your association blog ... and include your blog address in the press release.  Add pictures of whoever you quote on your blog to make it easy for the media to grab a picture if they need one ... tell them pictures are there. By using pictures and names on a blog it makes those who are quoting findable in Google searches too.  Link to the business site of those you are quoting so the media (and others) can see their expertise.

2.  Post your blog link on Facebook ... and tag the ones you quote in the status.  Take every opportunity to give your volunteers additional recognition.  The tag will likely show up on their own Facebook page, which means their friends, family, business acquaintances, others will enjoy seeing their name/picture (and read your press release too.)

3. Post a super short summary on Twitter ... and include the link to the blog.  Add at least one hashtag to further promote your press release to the intended audience ... such as a #location.

And special thanks to a blog reader who sent me this to add ...

4. Send to other Associations.  If press release information extends to other industries or vendors who support your association, share the news. Many of your peers will pass the word to their memberships and help broaden your audience.

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