Friday, February 5, 2010

What Associations can learn from "Blind Side" marketing

How do we as associations engage our base, and grow it?

I'm fascinated with an article in the New York Times about the movie "The Blind Side" that includes a description about how they built an audience base. Such as:

"In this case Grace Hill [Media] took the unusual step of offering online sermon outlines based on 'The Blind Side,' with clips that could be used in churches equipped with video screens. According to Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kosove, about 23,000 churches downloaded the sermons, laying an exceptionally strong base for the film."


1. Online outlines and clips. How good are we (really) at giving outlines and clips to be downloaded and delivered?
2. Where's your possible audience? Some of what we do might be completely appropriate for discussion in a sermon - do we ever think to work outside of our traditional audiences for messages for our respective industries?
3. Relate to me. How much thought is given to who is delivering the message to draw in the audience? The article says real football coaches appealed to sports fans, Tim McGraw to country fans, and others to other demographics. Do associations change up its messengers for its various audiences?

And speaking of that movie: Go Sandra Bullock. Hope she wins the Academy Award.

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