Monday, February 15, 2010

One must-have (at all times) for Association CEOs

What item does an association CEO need to have available at all times: A blazer.

Here are 4 reasons (special thanks to colleague Ginger Downs who relays this to groups of new association execs) ....

1. Media: Any number of events or tragedies could cause you to need to be on-camera with a statement from your association with very little notice. You may not have time to either quickly shop or go home to change.

2. Angry Members: If an angry member arrives at your office, and you need to address the situation, put on your blazer. A blazer does give a show of authority that is often necessary when resolving problems.

3. Unexpected testimony and meetings: If you are called to testify before any governmental group because an unexpected development occurred that you need to address in person, or find you have a meeting scheduled you weren't anticipating, you'll likely wish you had business attire. Casual offices doesn't mean everyone else's office is casual, or that your members will hope to find you dressed casually. A blazer can make a big difference.

4. The Wrong Dress Code: Ever show up to speak at an event and find the audience interpreted the dress code differently from what you were expecting? Or, the room could be a million times colder than you were expecting. Always bring a blazer along to any speaking engagement ... just in case.

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