Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 Blog Posts to Think About

Here are 3 blog posts that made me think:

1. The Incoming Chairman Speech. Do we want to hear about their passion for the association or their passion for the industry? When they're introduced, what are we saying about our incoming chairman? Interesting insight from Kevin Holland, who has clearly heard a lot of annual meeting speeches.

2. Why CEOs Don't Blog. Can a CEO really write an Op-Ed on any controversial topic (not connected to their position) and claim it's just personal opinion? When are we "not" considered the CEO in our thoughts or actions from the standpoint of association leadership and membership? Maggie McGary questions how the "personal brand" applies.

3. 7 Ways the Internet is Improving our Writing. That's right, Jeff Cobb says social media and the Internet are improving our writing skills, not ruining them: We're writing more, writing for an actual audience, learning to be concise, blending with other media, and more. Are we becoming improved writers because we have no choice with the expansion of needing to write in so many formats?


Realtor Carole said...

I agree, certainly makes you think

Maggie McGary said...

Thanks for the link to my post! Now I need to go check out the other two. Before I even click out to Jeff Cobb's post I can already agree with him, though--I absolutely think having to express yourself in writing online improves writing skills.