Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 tips for association execs - picked up virtually (from ASAE09)

Here's an assortment of tips that I picked up on Twitter and other social media during the ASAE conference (that I did not attend in person.) Note: tried to credit the original person who posted a tweet, picture, or post. Info in brackets is my additional comment.

1. When permanent marker accidentally gets on whiteboard, write over it with fresh whiteboard marker and wipe off (@cindyhugg)

2. 10-20-30 rule for effective presentations: 10 slides, speak 20 minutes max, allow 30 minutes for questions (@PBBsRealm

3. How are you recognizing the virtual volunteer? Special web badge, or signature on their web page to recognize time (in months, not years) (@christyj)

4. Do you track member twitter accounts, blogs, etc. in your AMS? Should you? (@cardcat)

5. Do you know about Check it out. You register your name across many social media platforms. (@carolvangorp)

6. Need job description for staff with social media roles - and volunteers; plus code of conduct for how members interact with each other. (@christyj

7. When calling lapsed members, don't say "we haven't seen you lately" - Just reminds them! Ask to participate in survey, etc. [I think alternate approach like this needed for conference attendees who have not registered yet too] (@christyj

8. Mobile marketing has potential for dues reminders, voting, special offers, news, more [Need to come up with "special offers"] (@MemberClicks

9. Email annoyances: reply all, distribution lists, "thank you," forwards, subject lines, buried action, logo attachments, etc. [Sometimes I will send 1 or 2 in a group their own individual email instead of group email if they are serial reply to all peeps] (@aaronwoloweic

10. FYI is the vaguest subject line most overused in the world. [FYI - I am big offender on this one] (@aaronwoloweic

11. Use Build-a-Bear someway, somehow [Apparently long lines for in in St. Louis booth at trade show - "even Candy Spelling" stood in line for one] (@msazuri - guessing this pic is the infamous Build-a-Bear?)

12. Do something creative with camera phone postcards - post on Twitter (@msazuri)

13. Consider creating a twibbon for an association cause. [But less is more - need room for person's pic]

14. Time for all presenters to get some training on news-style TV reporting. It will help with virtual talks [such as using Ustream and interacting with virtual audience too] (@jeffhurt)

15. Use "the Favorite Game" as an interesting way to create an online interview for blog or website post (Kristin Clarke)

16. Ask attendees what they'd like for the next year's conference, and post them on your association site. At a minimum, shows you heard them. (@ljunker)

17. Think about why and how you use "celebrities" - Candy Spelling at an association executives conference? At the trade show? On a stage? [I don't even want to talk about my experiences with Fabio and Erik Estrada at NAR meetings - or how surreal it was to hear Florence Henderson stop by a National Directors meet to sing "God Bless America"]

18. Last tip: Read attendee blog summaries to see what they learned ... or call an attendee and ask!

Thanks to all who presented and posted!

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Swan said...

Great List.

Here is one more. Use to turn your experiences into dynamic fun videos

Small addition to #14) Free tools exist to be able to create Collaborative Media. Put your livestream or recorded media through twebevent to give your members shared access and easy access to a Twitter chat.